FJDynamics AH1 Hydraulic steering system

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FJD AH1 Hydraulic Automatic Steering Kit empowers agricultural machinery to effectively regulate steering oil, adjusting steering direction and angle with 2.5 cm accuracy. Its robust force and quick responsiveness make it the perfect fit for large agricultural machinery that requires significant steering power, ultimately improving both accuracy and efficiency in field operations.

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The FJD AH1 Hydraulic Automatic Steering System is installed directly on the tractor hydraulics and ensures the highest steering accuracy in any type of field. The system automatically steers the machine on the reference line with maximum accuracy. When the machine is out of line, the system sends a signal to adjust its position to maintain the required trajectory. So you can calmly focus on other jobs.

Hands-Free and more productive

Optimizes tractor movement by keeping the steering wheel and steering column stationary during operation, the AH1 effectively minimizes vibrations from rough terrain, ensuring precise and stable performance in uneven fields and high-speed modes.

For all field operations: harrowing, sowing, spraying, and harvesting. Highly compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery, including various tractor brands and heavy-duty equipment.

Farm Management System allows to receive tasks such as boundaries and guidance lines that are created ahead on the system for a streamlined workflow.

Terrain Compensation: maintains reliable accuracy even in challenging landscapes, including rolling terrains, slopes, and rough ground.

10.1 inch (25.65 cm) control terminal with HD screen guarantees comfortable and easy controls.


  • 2.5cm Pass-To-Pass accuracy;
  • Field management;
  • Auto-turn;
  • Advanced guidance lines;
  • Terrain compensation;
  • ISOBUS universal terminal.