Singular SAGRO100 Automatic Steering Kit

4 500  be PVM

Singular automatic steering system uses a high-torque motor control steering wheel. System integrates the advantages of convenient installation, large torque, high precision, low noise, low heat, and quick debugging. It is suitable for use on various platforms and applications such as tractors, harvesting machines, plant protection machinery and other agricultural vehicles.

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With this system you’ll save:


Fuel, fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides


Work hours in same field


CO2 emissions

System advantages


  • Free RTK connection with 2.5cm working accuracy
    The system ensures uninterrupted communication with the satellite and allows you to determine the accuracy from the first to the final point, and react to even the smallest deviations of the tractor in the field, even in poor visibility conditions;
  • U-turn
    The system supports automatic turns in headlands;
  • Reduced workload
    Work is made easier, because you no longer have to constantly control the steering wheel and concentrate on the road. This allows employees to focus more on other important work tasks and reduces fatigue;
  • Convenience for the user
    The system provides simple, convenient use and clear user interface elements to help, efficiently launch and control the automatic driving quickly;
  • Efficiency and productivity
    The system optimizes the movement of the tractor in the field, thereby reducing overlap and ensuring efficient performance of agricultural work. This helps reduce time and resource costs and increases work productivity and productivity.

System components


  • Electric wheel
    Comfortable wheel with high-torque steering wheel;
  • Navigation screen
    Big screen size of 10″ with HD quality touchscreen and is suitable for all lightning conditions. Does have English, Lithuanian and lots of more languages;
  • GNSS antennas
    Antennas let you to have highest singal strengh in different enrivoments and supports all most popular satelite signals: GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo, QZSS.

Multiple task types


From spring to winter, from harrowing to sowing, spraying, and harvesting, farmers can set different implement types and working modes in SAGRO100 to meet your farming needs throughout the year.

High compatibility


Highly-integrated system components can be easily installed on and transferred between different tractor models, various spline sleeves for different tractor steering columns, SAGRO100 system shows high compatibility with mainstream tractors in the market.