“Farm TRX“ Moisture Sensor

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“Farm TRX” offers farmers reliable current and average grain moisture readings to empower tactical decision-making in the field and around the yard.


“Farm TRX” features:

  • Record live moisture values as well as wet and dry yields using your smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic generation of precision moisture maps View & export moisture maps from the “FarmTRX Web App”
  • Option to transfer from combine to auger, to grain cart, to grain dryer with moisture readings displayed through a dedicates “FarmTRX Moisture App”
  • View instant & average moisture values on the “FarmTRX Mobile App” while harvesting
  • System status is indicated with LED light panel located on the front face of the sensor
  • Operates as a companion to theFarm TRX“ Precision Yield Monitor or independently in stand-alone mode.

Raw moisture maps

Map is computed using the grain moisture values generated by the “FarmTRX Moisture Sensor”. The moisture sensor takes multiple readings per second and averages a moisture reading that is sent to the “FarmTRX Yield Monitor” every 10 seconds.

moisture sensor
moisture sensor

Trend of Raw Moisture

Map takes raw moisture values generated by the moisture sensor and produces a smoothed interpretation of sensed moisture across the field. This map allows growers to visualize broader trends of grain moisture and empowers everyday irrigation, seeding and harvesting decisions more easily.

“Farm TRX“ Moisture Sensor + “Farm TRX“ Precision Yield Monitor

Purchase the full kit ofFarm TRX Moisture Sensor and precision yield monitor, for the most accurate moisture data.

Precision Yield Monitor