„FJDynamics AT2“ Automatic steering kit

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FJDynamics AT2 automatinio vairavimo sistema sujungia palydovų sistemą ir RTK tinklą, kad užtikrintų 2,5 cm važiavimo tikslumą bet kokioje vietovėje. Sistema suderinama su įvairia žemės ūkio technika. Compatible with various agri vehicles. Save fuel, work at night and so on.

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FJD Autosteering functionality

  • Automatic steering and optimized tractor movement in the field to reduce overlaps and ensure precise tillage.
  • Simple and convenient use is ensured. The wide 10-inch (25.4 cm) screen allows you to comfortably control the system, even in strong sunlight.
  • Clear user interface elements.
  • ISOBUS control.
    Additional system control method is available – wired or wireless remote control. The latter helps to use the system functions even when the hands are wet, dirty, working with gloves or in a vibrating cabin, i.e. in situations where the touch screen just wouldn’t respond properly anymore.
  • Possibility to additionally connect Wi-Fi cameras, which will help in additional real-time monitoring of equipment and implements.
  • Suitable for many models of agricultural machinery, both newer and older.
  • Easy transfer from one agricultural machine to another.
  • Smooth operation for all farming seasons and jobs: harrowing, sowing, spraying and harvesting

Benefits of FJD Automatic steering kit

System ensures that overlaps are minimal when driving a tractor or other heavy machinery. By reducing repetitive work in the same areas, the main features of the equipment stand out:

  • Lower fuel consumption;
  • Lower consumption of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides;
  • Conservation of human resources – because fewer working hours are worked;
  • Recording of working fields;
  • Allows intensive use of agricultural machinery (i.e. ensures quality work at night in all conditions, such as fog, dust or smoke);
  • Maximum accuracy of all performed processes;
  • Conservation of human resources.

Main technical characteristics

  • Operating accuracy – 2.5 cm (free RTK throughout Lithuania);
  • Supports mobile RTK signal base station;
  • Wide 10-inch bright touch screen that allows you to see even in strong sunlight;
  • A large steering wheel with a powerful automatic steering motor with a maximum torque of 30 Nm;
  • IP65 industrial grade water and dust resistance.

System components

  • High-torque electric steering;
  • GNSS communication antenna with integrated inertial measurement device (IMU) and 4G communication receiver;
  • Wide control screen;
  • Angle sensor.

Additional accessories, which helps to work easier

After purchasing an automatic driving system, you can additionally connect a control panel or a camera.

„FJDynamics“ wired keypad

It is attached to the monitor of the automatic steering system or on your desired place in the cabin.

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„FJDynamics“ easy control wireless keypad

There is no need to attach to the automatic steering system monitor or other place, it can be controlled remotely.

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„FJDynamics“ Wi-Fi Camera

The Wi-Fi camera is quickly and easily installed where there is a power source. The camera provides exceptional video vision and maximum transmission distance.

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About manufacturer FJDynamics

FJDynamics is an international robotics corporation that develops artificial intelligence and navigation and geolocation systems for the robotization of agricultural equipment and the development of advanced manufacturing and green energy solutions.
Research and development centers are located in Sweden, Netherland and China. International cooperation helps to confidently provide autonomous solutions in agriculture, ports, mining, logistics and other industries.
FJDynamics partners with the strongest agricultural machinery manufacturers in their respective fields to drive the modernization of the agricultural industry and precision farming.

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