FJDynamics RTK Reference Station

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FJD Reference Station utilizes advanced RTK technology and transmission to satisfy users’ requirements for precise positioning.

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RTK reference station:

  • Provides real-time differential information for various machines;
  • Realizes centimeter-level 3D positioning and precise orientation;
  • Covers a radius of 5km where there is no interference or shield;
  • It receives signals from 16 frequency bands of 5 satellite navigation systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, GALILEO and QZSS;
  • Automated Channel Detection with built-in anti-interference and high-gain antenna and high-performance receiver;
  • Removable Battery – Dual battery lasts for 12h, and AC power supply supports hot plugging. Battery can be replaced without powering off;
  • As a mobile station, it is often used to set datum points in fields. As a reference station, it is used to provide real-time kinematic relative positioning for the automation of agricultural machinery.


Satellite Tracking624 channels available.
Tracking FeaturesBDS: B1/B2, (Can be upgraded to B3)
GPS: L1/L2
RTK Positioning AccuracyPlane: 1cm+1ppm
Elevation: 1.5cm+1ppm
Single Point PositioningPlane: 1.5m
Elevation: 2.5m
DGPS AccuracyPlane: 0.4m
Elevation: 0.8m
Positioning Update Rate1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz and 20Hz
Initialization Time<10 seconds
Differential Transport FormatRTCM v3.0/3.2
Battery FeaturesDouble battery compartments,
10400mAh 7.4V (single battery 5200 mAh)
Mobile station lasts up to 12 hours
Power AdapterInput: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Išvestis: 12V 5A
Battery ChargerQC3.0 fast charge
Built-in Radio StationBuilt-in integrative receiving and transmitting radio station, with automatic optimal channel selection. Frequency range: 410
Wi-Fi Communication802.11 a/b/g/n


MaterialAluminum alloy
Waterproof and DustproofIP65
Working Temperature-40℃ – 65℃
Storage Temperature-50℃ – 75℃