“Farm TRX“ Yield Monitor

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The FarmTRX technology was initiated by a Canadian farmer and technologist who had three combine harvesters on his farm without yield monitors. He wanted to collect data from his fields, but after searching the market to retrofit his older model harvesters with a retrofit yield monitor, he was unable to find an easily installed, affordable yield monitor that was easy to use.

In the last 5 years the technology, hardware components and software have evolved significantly in collaboration providing a powerful and flexible web mapping platform.

The yield data is processed, hosted and stored online so it can be accessed any time.


“Farm TRX” features & benefits:

  • The FarmTRX yield monitor was designed to retrofit to nearly any combine.
  • The only requirements are a clean grain elevator and access to 12-volt power
  • Most installations can be done in less than 4 hours
  • It can be installed on combines without a yield monitor and those that already have a yield monitor
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy for even those who are less tech-savvy.
  • The yield monitor features a built-in GPS antenna, Bluetooth connectivity, and memory to store 5+ years of yield data
  • The two-year warranty on hardware and phone support
Precision Yield Monitor
Precision Yield Monitor

Yield Monitor

Housing enough on-board storage to archive years of harvest data. The Yield Monitor installs in the cab of the combine and uses Bluetooth® connectivity to pair with your smartphone or tablet.

moisture sensor

Moisture Sensor

The Moisture Sensor installs at the base of the elevator clean-out door. View live and average moisture readings directly from the cab and get precision moisture maps.

optiniai jutikliai

Rugged Optical Sensors

Two optical sensors mount on either side of the combine clean grain elevator and use a light beam to measure yield volume on each passing paddle.

gps antena

GPS Antenna

The included GPS antenna mounts on the roof of your cab. Whether your combine is pre-GPS era, or brand new, this antenna will provide accurate position, speed, and area readings.

laidų pynė

Wiring & Harnesses Included

We supply everything you need to get up and running including ruggedized cables and connectors.

moisture sensor

Moisture trend map

The map takes raw moisture map data and generates a moisture trend map. This map allows growers to see more accurate grain irrigation trends and make efficient seeding and harvesting decisions.