FJDynamics ISOBUS connector

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ISOBUS short for “ISO 11783 ”, is an open standard of international communication used to standardize the communication between different implements, allowing the exchange of information between different brands and models of tractors, implements, and controllers.



What are The Benefits of ISOBUS?

  • Ensuring the compatibility between tractors and implements of many brand and model

With the rapid development of precision agriculture, precise control of each implement has become essential in farming operations. Currently, all precision farming and agriculture machinery manufacturers are moving toward a common goal of compatibility, and ISOBUS is used to achieve this goal by making tractors and implements fully compatible. Before the ISOBUS standard was proposed, each manufacturer used its own communication language for agricultural machinery. Farmer could only use specific display and proprietary control system to operate implements. If they get a new tractor or implement, the display/controller may not be available due to incompatibility, which increases the cost of agricultural operations.

  • Improved operational accuracy for precision agriculture

By using the ISOBUS standard, the information transfer between the system and the software is smooth. The ISOBUS ensures fast and noiseless communication and improves the accuracy of the implement work. At the same time, operator can see all information about their tractor and implements on a single display. The high level of information integration helps farmer to make better decisions for precision agriculture, thus increasing productivity.

  • Simplified installation and operation

When ISOBUS is not used, a wiring structure for each sensor and a display for each implement are required in machinery. Using the same tractor in different operating situations results in a cab full of interfaces, which can hinder operation and complicate installation. The use of ISOBUS eliminates redundant displays and unnecessary connection cables, leaving only one display to connect the tractor and its implements, making the installation and operation of farm machinery simple and efficient.