FJDynamics Easy Control keypad

250  be PVM

“FJDynamics” Easy Control keypad allows to control the Autosteer remotely when the touchscreen is out of reach or when the hands are wet, dirty, working with gloves or in a vibrating cabin,  in situations where the touch screen just wouldn’t respond properly anymore.

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There is no need to attach to the Automatic Steering System monitor or other place, it can be controlled remotely. Key functions such as turning on/off the automatic driving mode and other commonly used functions are controlled by the remote control.

“FJDynamics” Easy Control keypad is built to ensure durability with IP67 protection against shocks, water and dust. And guaranteed to last over 100,000 button presses.

Basic navigation functions

  • Enable/disable auto guidance;
  • Turn on area metring;
  • Mark point A and B;
  • Move the guidance line.