“Augmenta” field analyzer

16 690  be PVM

Convenient and affordable, real-time smart application of most of your input needs.
The Field Analyzer scans crop health inch-by-inch, calculates the required fertilizer dosage and applies it using existing sprayers/spreaders – all in real-time. Installation is simple “plug & play”. The fully automated system requires minimum operational effort.


Artificial Intelligence

  • Automatically calibrates rates according to your in-field variability according to your initial input.
  • Analyze and optimize your inputs at a fraction of the speed needed by your fastest application.
  • Powerful embedded agronomical algorithms require no pre-calibration or buffer zones just your agronomic input.

Simplified design and aluminum body

  • Plug  & Play.
  • Robust, resistant to corrosion, and weather-proofed.
  • Small and easy to install.

High-Definition Precision Farming

  • Supports most self-propelled and trailed equipment around the world, offering a plug-and-play installation for ISOBUS, AIM Command / Pro, Raven serial, John Deere serial, and LH5000 systems.
  • No complex calibration is needed before operation. A High-tech smart vision combining 4K resolution images in five different wavelengths.
  • Snapshots are stored both automatically and manually for post-evaluation. Simultaneous field analysis and input (e.g. fertilizer) application.

Fully autonomous solution without internet

  • Data Storing for deep analytics of your in-field data to improve our future services in your field.
  • Real-time communication with Augmenta Web Portal and Tablet when accessing the internet.

Competitive Advantage over other sensors: