„Bourgault“ seeding system

“Bourgault Industries Ltd” (Canada) has an extensive selection of seeding systems, each with their own unique characteristics and attributes, but all designed and built with the same commitment to ingenuity, durability, and simplicity. We are presenting “Bourgault Industries Ltd” seeding system, FMS series model.


Highlights of “Bourgault Industries Ltd”seeding systems:

Sowing accuracy. The manufacturer focuses on innovation and technology integration to ensure that the seed drills are reliable and accurately perform their functions in the sowing process. With unique features such as the Air Planter™ or MRB, as well as the Topcon X35 Appolo control system, BulkBoom loading augers, and many other options, these planters can accurately plant crops in all soil conditions.

Universality. These seedin systems ensure reliable performance even in conditions where all other seeders simply cannot work. Especially in very dry climates, uncultivated fields, hard soils (stony or clayey), and other extreme conditions.

Durability, durability, and minimal maintenance needs. Due to the uniqueness of the design, the seed system not only work in extreme soil conditions, but also last for years. Many customers have been using Bourgault seeding systems for 15-20 years with minimal maintenance.

Uniqueness. Parallel arm design, AirPlanter (maize seeding with the largest planter), MRB option for second nitrogen fertilization, late period, and many other unique patented features are offered only by the Bourgault manufacturer.

We are presenting “Bourgault Industries Ltd” seeding system, FMS series model:

Seeding system – FMS series model CD872-PLR (DISC opener with independent contouring) with integrated 7,2 m3 tank for seeds and fertilizers, 6,0 m working width (spacing 19 cm or 25 cm), optional MRB-III fertilizer application system and Air PlanterTM precision sowing system (50/75; 56 or 70 cm row spacing)

General Specification

  • Three frame sections with two rows of openers.
  • 25 cm (10”); 19 cm (7,5”) row spacing
  • Integrated 7,2 m3 pneumatic tank for seed and fertilizers (3 sections):

Section #1 (2,15 m3, 30%) – the double flight auger (2,2-220 kg/ha);
Section #2 (1,35 m3, 20%) – the LO auger ultra-low rates (0,5-55 kg/ha);
Section #3 (3,7 m3, 50%) – the single flight auger (22-330 kg/ha).

  • Pneumatic distribution system of the FMS series tank is equipped with a high-speed fan (HSF – 6500 rpm)
  • Seeding control system: TOPCON XD Apollo (including monitor) is standard. Also, possible ISO adaptation to tractor console (standard ISO 11783), or optional order of TOPCON X-40 Apollo monitor what can be connected to the tractor navigation system (Raven, Trimble, StarFire, etc) and adapted for variable rate control based on yield (or other) field maps. Monitor X40 is equipped in standard with the LiftMaster system (automatic raising/lowering of the coulters and switching on / off seeding at headlands). Also, this monitor allows you to work with options such as PackMaster (automatic control system).
  • Transport tires: IF710/70R38. With the modification CD872-9 (working width of 9.1 m), extended axles of the transport wheels are installed as standard, which provides for the possibility of subsequent quick installation of the rear tow hitch (for aggregating of the liquid fertilizer or anhydrous ammonia application systems). With the extended axles, the overall transport width of the machine is 3.4 m.
  • Front hitch extension for tractors with dual wheels.
  • 2-pt hitch adapter (9360-90-01) for tractors with 3-pt hitch.
  • OPTIONAL installation of the LOADING mechanisms/installations in the next variants (both CAN NOT be installed simultaneously):
  • BULKBOOM loading crane (to load products in bags or big bags up to 1090 kg weight).
  • Folding loading auger 8 inches (20 cm) (loading speed in the range of 1000-1300 L/min).

Specification of the seeding part

  • Disk openers with diameter 20,5 inch (52 cm) for minimum soil disturbance with adjustable scraper. Disc has “positive” angle (10° vertical and 7° horizontal) to eliminate possible “hair-pin” problems in the ground. Installed on parallelogram arm providing individual contouring for each opener.
  • Narrow profile (76 mm; 3″) spoked cleaner wheel. The wheel is positioned on the opposite side of the disc opener and on the same height as seed boot to maintain planting accuracy. The position of the cleaner wheel is set with the adjusting lever (6 mm pitch, range 0-89 mm).
  • Double-shoulder with one extended shoulder semi-pneumatic packer wheels 115 mm (4,5 inch). The packing pressure is 40 to 80 kg per packer wheel. The adjustment is carried out by changing spring tension which is mounted on the lever. Provides possibility to adjust the row wheel alignment for more or less aggressive packing.
  • Optional Mid Row Bander (MRB-III) Fertilizer Application System for application of fertilizers between seeding rows. Equipped with hydraulic system that allows lifting and lowering the openers back to working position. Adapted for granular and liquid fertilizers application. The main fertilizers are applied between seeding rows, by 3-5 cm below seeding depth – to be installed OPTIONALLY (not available for 17,5 cm base row spacing OR WHEN AIR PLANTER OPTION IS INSTALLED).
  • Traditional seeding mode. When operating as a traditional air coulter drill for seeding cereals and other crops, product from the air seeder kit exits the seeder boot and is directed to the bottom of the furrow with a plastic seed retainer, eliminating the opportunity for seed bounce. The seed is then pressed into the seedbed by the firming wheel, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact.
  • Optional Bourgault Air PlanterTM Precision Seeding System. In the optional PRECISION SEEDING MODE, the furrow is first opened by the seed boot pressed against the inside of the disk. The eXact PLACEMENT™ (XP™) METER from the Air Planter™ Distribution System employs positive pressure to direct seed to the Air Planter™ Planter Boot*. The seed exits at a set velocity and angle to meet the soil at the bottom of the furrow just in front of the firming wheel. Captured between the wheel and the soil, seed spacing is maintained while it is pressed into the moist soil at the bottom of the furrow. The packer wheel follows behind the firming wheel to pack the loose soil that has filled the furrow to create a beneficial environment for quick and even germination.-  A valuable option available to Air Planter™ Operators is the ability to include dry or liquid fertilizer in the seed row. Dry starter fertilizer can be directed through the air seeder kit to the seeder boot, and liquid fertilizer can be directed through the front of the planter boot.- Bourgault offers the possibility of completing the machine with base row spacing (25,0; 19,0 or 17,5 cm) installing the Air PlanterTM Precision Seeding System for planting row crops (corn, sunflower, soya, rapeseeds) with row spacing of 50/75; 56 or 70 cm, respectively.
  • Pneumatic system of seeds and fertilizer distribution: SINGLE SHOOT in standard with installation of DOUBLE SHOOT when MRB system is ordered.
  • Blockage sensors are NOT installed in standard. Possible installation of different optional alternative systems (e.g. TOPCON, AGTRON, MONADA, etc.