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Navigation systems

Optimize and reduce your costs with automated equipment. Reach full potential of your land, increase production, efficiency and profits by using auto-steering systems. Auto-steering – a pioneer autonomous driving system that can be installed on agri-vehicles to have automatic driving transformation.
navigacinės sistemos
navigacinės sistemos

GPS system with 2 cm accuracy

Especially accurate GPS systems with the possible error of 2 cm.

GPS system with 15 cm accuracy

Accurate GPS systems with the possible error of 15 cm.


  • Lower fuel usage
  • Lower fertiliser usage
  • Shortened width of the line made by using double processing machinery
  • The full control and use of fields and technology
  • Guaranteed high quality of precisely completed procedures during night, fog, dusts and smokes 24/7
  • Precise operations which increase quality and quantity of the final product
  • Process accuracy 
  • Saved time