Sveaverken smart collar

Keep track of each animal’s health, production and activity. The smart collar will allow you to see and analyse the health of the whole herd, react to any changes or disease in no time, and guarantee the quality and quantity of the production.

  • Heat detection
  • Don’t have to spend long hours at night for estrus observation
  • Higher heat detection rate with less labor involved
  • Establish e-record for every single animal
  • Enables a comprehensive herd management in terms of health and performance
  • Durable service up to 5 years that covers a complete milking cow career

Please contact our staff to get more information or place an order.

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Detailed information:

Model – SCN100
Tag dimensions – 110x70x35mm
Tag weight – 240g
Balancer dimensions – 86x66x30mm
Balancer weight – 350g
Service duration – 5 years
Protection grade – IP67
Communication mode – LPWAN-IoT
Communication range – ≤1km (depends on geographical location and relief)