Sveaverken Feed Pushing Robot

Feed pushing without manual intervention.

  • 15m/min working speed ensures an excellent working performance superior to manpower;

  • Autonomous working in pre-set time and route, once for all;

  • 2.5-hour full charge sustains 22-hour continous running, which adequately covers daily working load in a typical farm;
  • Remote control breaks through the space of robot manipulation;

  • Real-time transmission of images from the camera enables farmers to monitor the pasture conditions and cattle feeding status.

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Track your farming jobs remotely

An easy-to-operate remote robot system that allows you to remotely program the robot’s work and keep track of changes.
After connecting to the system, you will see the location of the robot and its battery status.


See what your robot sees

A camera mounted on the front of the robot will provide information about the activities taking place in the barn, the animals and the level of feed left.
Once connected to the remote control system, you will be able to grab the robot from the feed path and perform other necessary work.


Diameter – 1325mm
Height – 1000mm
Weight – 400kg
Travel speed – 15m/min
Number of wheels – 3
Driving wheel – 2mm*⌀250mm*80mm
Driving motor – 2x400W
Drum motor – 1x120W
Battery – lithium iron phosphate, 48V, 80Ah