“Bonsegna” Tippers Semi-trailers

“Bonsegna” is an Italian brand company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery, is now considered one of the most advanced manufacturers due to its innovative investment in machinery and equipment. Introducing Bonsegna semi-trailers.


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ModelDimensionsMaximum load (t)HeightBrakesAxle (mm)Wheel sizing
CMB120VT2400X4600 h.1600122600Pneumatic brakes90385/55R22,5
CMB142VT2400X5500 h.1600142700130385/55R22,5
CMB141VT2400X6100 h.1600142900130560/60R22.5
CMB120VT MR2400X4600 h.1600222600130385/55R22,5
CMB142VT MR2400X5500 h.1600222700130385/55R22,5
CMB141VT MR2400X6100 h.1600222900130560/60R22.5

Optional: two-axle and three-axle semi-trailers.